About Us

Master Dowdy

Two time inductee into USA Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame

40 years Martial Arts experience

9th Degree Black Belt Tiger Shark Hapkido

5th Degree Black Belt American Jujitsu

6th Degree Black Belt Hak Dari Shon Hapkido

2nd Degree Black Belt Kuk Sool Won Hapkido

Black Belt Kemp Karate

Black Belt Tae-Kwon-Do

Black Belt Judo

Great White Crane Kung Fu

White Tiger Kung Fu

Co-Founder Hak Dari Shon Hapkido system

Founder of Tiger Shark Hapkido system

1973 joint US/Korea Demonstration team

26 years experience private security; night clubs (Bouncer)

Chief of Security Rocky Mount, VA and Natural Bridge, VA (Raceways)

Consultant/Expert Witness for court system

Instructor at Kilgore Police Academy, TX

Numerous Classes for Community Colleges, churches, and schools

Veteran US Air Force, 6 years

Instructor of   S.W.A.T. unarmed combat and non-firearm weapons

Personal Body Guard

Directed Martial Arts Tournaments

Board member of Testing Committee of Black Belts

Directed training of special tactical personnel for police departments.

Personal Trainer for weight training

Use of Traditional and Non-Traditional martial arts weapons

Extensive work with special-ed children

Weekly TV Program- ‘Self Defense and U’ in Roanoke, VA

Program director for Cognitive Connection, alternative school

Taught adult high school and the GED program for community colleges

Owned and operated numerous martial arts schools

Given Lectures and Seminars for the Following:

* Self-Defense

* Energy

* Rape Prevention

* Massage and acupressure

* Self-Healing

* Inner Self-Defense

* Martial Arts History and philosophy

* All forms or martial arts training from ground fighting to weapons

* Ground fighting and Jujitsu

* Self esteem and team building

* Crisis intervention