Instructor: Grandmaster  John Dowdy
9th degree with 40 years of martial arts experience
Phone: (336) 266-3945

Ki/Energy Seminars (Parts 1, 2, 3): This is a three part seminar about personal energy and its use to enhance martial arts and other aspects of daily life.

Hakulau: This is an advanced energy seminar.

Prerequisites: Ki/Energy seminar series 1-3

History of Martial Arts: This seminar explores various martial arts styles/techniques from around the world.

Philosophy of Martial Arts: This seminar presents philosophical insights which make martial artists who they are.

Qigong: This seminar provides an overview of the various qigong styles which are prevalent today. Relationships to Tai Chi and other chi- building exercises are discussed.

Developing and Maintaining the Warrior Spirit: Attitude and spirit are crucial to a strong martial artist. Grandmaster Dowdy shares insights and techniques regarding ways to keep the desire and attitude burning.

Acupressure, Massage, and Reflexology: This seminar explores meridians, trigger points, chakras, muscle relaxation techniques, and healing strategies for the martial artist.

Self-Healing: This seminar assists the martial artist in controlling pain and preventing physical complications via alternative health methods.  By enhancing one’s daily health

Through positive attitude, diet, healthy lifestyle, herbs, aromatherapy, self-massage and pressure points, it is possible to avoid common aging issues and enhance your quality of life. Living by design rather than from health crisis to health crisis you can maintain increased control of your vitality.

Personal Bodyguard/Bouncer Clinic: This seminar is designed to provide instruction in  proper crowd control and personal security in public settings. Participants will learn skills essential for bodyguards, bouncers, floaters, doormen, bartenders, wait staff, and management.

Weapons Clinics: These weapon clinics are designed to provide instruction in both practical self-defense and kata/forms:

  • Sword
  • Staff/Bo
  • Knife
  • Cane
  • Rope/Belt
  • Numchakus
  • Tonfa
  • Fans
  • Short stick
  • Kali stick
  • Sia
  • Kama

Jujitsu Clinics: Beginner to Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques

Self-Defense Clinics

Street Fighting and Survival Techniques

Jujitsu: Entering to Trapping to Grappling: This seminar explores controlling an opponent from standing to take-downs.

Kata/Form/Hyung: This clinic explores the purpose and significance of kata and presentation.

Pressure Point Strikes: This clinic examines striking areas of the human anatomy: to hurt (as a self-defense response) and to heal (at home or at the dojang.) The following five topics are addressed for each point presented:

  • Location of strike
  • Set-Up point
  • Effect of strike
  • Antidote for the strike
  • Healing aspect of the point.

Participants must be 13 years old to attend.

Additional seminars are available by request: (336)266-3945